WELCOME TO AGJ Data Infotech

Agj Data Infotech was founded in 2008. It provides market research field work services in all India for every type of industries in collaboration with local trusted associates. As the company grew, Agj Data Infotech started to give some other services like data entry, transcription, note taking, moderation facility to some local clients.


Our mission is helping the leading corporation create and sustain their customer’s satisfaction through an effective market survey.

Client Testimonials

Agj data infotech is a committed market research field work agency. The teams are very much supportive & responsible; they are always ready to solve every type of project related queries.

                                                 leading global MR agency
Our experience with Agj data infotech is very satisfactory, we hired them for a very tuff project that was not completed on time by a big agency but the team of Agj completed it, in a very short time, that was unexpected. We share our every field project with them for their co-operation.

                                     A leading MR analysis company
Agj data infotech is a reliable partner for our field related services. We have taken their services for various kinds of mystery audits. The team completes all the assignments on time. Agj is a our true friend for market research related projects.

             Consultant, a leading mystery audit company